Cloudifying Wireless Standards



LTE End-2-end network, with customized SIM cards, commercial UEs, eNB and EPC. Release 15 compliant. Development and pilots.


Real satellite connection
DVB-S2X transmitter
BGAN forward link
Satellite backhauling for terrestrial 4G/5G networks.


Visible Light Communications. IEEE 802.15.7. OOK & VPPM Dimming. PHY I, II and III. Synchronization. Channel Estimation.

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  • Parallel and GPU programming

    CASTLE uses the fastest optimization using parallel computer programing and CUDA technology from NVIDIA. Feel the power of 40 CPU cores and more than 6500+ GPU cores available to you.

    Parallel and GPU programming
  • High Sampling Frequency

    Thanks to dedicated 10 Gigabit per stream, CASTLE is able to achieve sampling rates of 100 Msps (mega samples per second), with a resolutions of 12 bits, using the most advanced USRP to use by SDR components.

    High Sampling Frequency

    Create your MATLAB scripts and embed CASTLE procedures using the API.

  • C++ API

    Write your own C++ programs and embed procedures of different standards using the API of CASTLE.

    C++ API
  • Over the Air

    Send and receive waveforms using the most advanced USRP. Enable MIMO capabilities Over-the-Air using CASTLE SDR component.

    Over the Air
  • Obtain intermediate signals

    Debug intermediate signal processing blocks and collect inputs, outputs and state of variables. With this feature, you can obtain the outputs from the Turbodecoder, the constellation points or coded symbols, among other.

    Obtain intermediate signals
  • Export data to MATLAB

    Export collected data to MATLAB file formats (.mat). Open it with MATLAB, examine and plot the results.

    Export data to MATLAB
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Discover what CASTLE brings to you

You can run protocol stacks of different standards directly from the Cloud. Without installing any software. Without needing high expertise.

Using the API, it is possible to analyse and debug the inputs and outputs of different signal processing blocks.

Build customized scenarios using standard procedures provided by CASTLE and tune the parameters at your convenience.

  • Runs from the cloud

    There is no need to install any software.

  • Customizable

    You can debug any signal processing block of the standards.

  • No expertise needed

    It is not necessary to be an expert of such standards to develop with them.

  • Api for C++ and MATLAB

    The API is available for C++ and MATLAB. You can build your software using the CASTLE API.


Discover the team behind CASTLE
Pol Henarejos
Pol Henarejos
Researcher, Engineer, Array and Multi-Sensor Processing, Communications Systems
Pol Henarejos received Telecommunication Engineering degree from Telecommunication Engineering High School from Barcelona (ETSETB) of Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and obtained the MERIT Master Degree from the UPC. He worked prototyping the physical layer of LTE, BGAN and VLC.
Ana Pérez Neira
Ana Pérez Neira
Professor, Scientific Coordinator, Head of Department, Fellow Researcher, Array and Multi-Sensor Processing, Communications Systems
Professor at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) since 2006. Associate Researcher of CTTC (since 2001) with strong background in physical layer techniques for wireless communications and experience in European projects.
Alexis Dowhuszko
Alexis Dowhuszko
Researcher, Ph.D., Array and Multi-Sensor Processing, Communications System
Alexis A. Dowhuszko received the telecommunications engineer degree from Blas Pascal University, Cordoba, Argentina, in 2002, and the Ph.D. degree in engineering sciences from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, in 2010.


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