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GNU Radio for Windows

GNU Radio is a powerful Software Defined Radio (SDR) tool for Linux systems. However, if you are a daily Windows user and want to play with SDR, building it on Windows is a huge challenge, even in Linux. There are lot of dependencies that are specific for Linux and it is not an easy task to port to Windows. Here, you can find the binaries of GNU Radio for Windows.

What is included

The packages are built with all options enabled. 

The documentation is not built. You can find it at the official page: GNU Radio Docs. The built package is the official release out of the box, without any modification.

These are the built modules:


Other 3rd-party packages, modules and libraries are not provided.


No support is given. These are just builds of the official release for Windows. If you need support for the GNU Radio, please use the official mailing lists.


All the software is coded by other developers under GPL licenses and is distributed for free without any charge.


After 6 years from the previous major release 3.7, GNU Radio released the next major version: GNU Radio 3.8! There have been a lot of interesting changes. One of the most remarkable is the upgrade to Python 3 and Qt5. Both are really useful for scripting, GUI and plotting graphs in real time.

Traditionally, GNU Radio is distributed only for UNIX platforms as open source. Despite of this, it runs smoothly in Windows, although is not officially supported. There are a lot of reasons of recommending UNIX instead of Windows, but if you use Windows and want to use GNU Radio, you have to do it by yourself.

Luckily, the community of GNU Radio is amazing and some provided Windows binaries for GNU Radio 3.7.x series. I do not know what is planned, but I decided to upload a public release of the binaries of GNU Radio 3.8 for Windows.