Certification Authority

CASTLE contains its own Certification Authority (CA). The root CA is CASTLE Root CA and it has several intermediate CA:

  • License CA: manages certificates related with the CASTLE Licensing system.
  • Web CA: manages web certificates.
  • VPN CA: manages certificates generated to access to CASTLE Virtual Private Network (VPN).

CASTLE also runs an OCSP responder to cross check the status of a given certificate.

Below you can download public certificates corresponding to each CA.

[table th=”0″ caption=”CASTLE Root CA”]

CASTLE Root CA Certificate, Download Certificate

OCSP Url,http://ocsp.castle.cloud/

CRL Url,http://www.castle.cloud/ca/CASTLERootCA.crl


[table th=”0″ caption=”CASTLE License CA”]

CASTLE License CA Certificate, Download Certificate

CASTLE License CA Certificate Bundle, Download Certificate

OCSP Url,http://ocsp.castle.cloud/licenseCA/

CRL Url,http://www.castle.cloud/ca/CASTLELicenseCA.crl


[table th=”0″ caption=”CASTLE VPN CA”]

CASTLE VPN CA Certificate, Download Certificate

CASTLE VPN CA Certificate Bundle, Download Certificate

OCSP Url,http://ocsp.castle.cloud/vpnCA/

CRL Url,http://www.castle.cloud/ca/CASTLEVPNCA.crl


[table th=”0″ caption=”CASTLE Web CA”]

CASTLE Web CA Certificate, Download Certificate

CASTLE Web CA Certificate Bundle, Download Certificate

OCSP Url,http://ocsp.castle.cloud/webCA/

CRL Url,http://www.castle.cloud/ca/CASTLEWebCA.crl